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"The King and His Troops, Children and Homes"

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Episode Summary: The Code:Breakers discuss what their next plan of action should be. Toki leaves uniterested in rescuing his father and Yuuki has gone Lost. Many members of the Kizakura were injured when Hitomi attacked. As the Code:Breakers continue to discuss their plan, none except Ogami have the convictions to kill their former leader. Toki goes to his sister, who remembers him. Toki is shocked but in the middle of their conversation she reverts back to her old self, unaware of who Toki is. Sakurakouji spends the whole night tending to the wounds of the Kizakura. Sakurakouji’s father informs Ogami that Sakurakouji is not their real daughter and that they found her on their door step on day. The Code:Breakers and Sakurakouji head out in search of Hitomi and the Prime Minister. At school, Ms. Kanda meets with several other faculty members, all of whom work for Eden as Code:Breakers supporters. They plan to have Ms. Kanda, a former subordinate of Hitome, use any possible remaining trust to kill Hitomi. Heike figures out Hitomi’s plan and meets with Prince. However, she realizes that Heike has purposefully done actions to help Hitomi. Heike than attack her, realizing that she knows too much. Several bombs around the city go off. Yuuki, as Prince tries to keep a bridge from collapsing, witnesses Heike attack her. Heike then tricks Sakurakouji into following him and is lead directly to Hitomi’s hideout. Heike exchanges her as a gesture of good will in order for Hitomi to let him participate in his plan.

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