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"Stopped Time"

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Episode Summary: All the Code:Breakers receive anonymous messages detailing Hitomi’s location. Heike and Hitomi discuss the plan. However, Hitomi is quite angered when Heikie mentions that he reduced Prince to a bloody mess. Yuuki informs Ogami of Heike’s betrayal and the two proceed to Hitomi’s hideout together. Yuuki holds of Heike and Ogami proceeds to rescue Sakurakouji. However, when Ogami reaches Hitomi and Sakurakouji he is confronted by Ms. Kanda, who is under Hitomi’s electrical control. Sakurakouji prevents Ogami from killing Ms. Kanda. Hitomi then explain to the three of them that his plan is for the purpose of exposing Code:Breakers. He wishes for them live as somebody that exists and receive recognition for what they do, not be uselessly tossed aside when the time comes. This is shown by Hitomi’s wall collection of clocks, each stopped at a time when a former Code:Breaker was killed. Hitomi will execute the Prime Minister and kill many civilians in bombing in order to expose that fact the Code:Breakers exist, are needed, and are heroes. Ogami burns all the clocks and proceeds to attack Hitomi. Yukihina arrives and intervenes. Ogami is unable to do anything since his flames cannot melt Yukihina’s ice. Toki arrives and saves Ogami and Sakurakouji from a barrage of ice. The Hideout begins to collapse and both groups leave. However, Sakurakouji enters the car with Hitomi, Heike, and Yukihina inside, hoping to prevent them from killing the Prime Minister.

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