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Episode Summary: Ibara and her team manages to lure the Ozu Sisters and the Ghosts to a park while Gennai, Oyakata and Gojiro tries to fix the railway power lines while Taeko deals with Ibuki's water breaking. Unable to track them due to Haruto's traps, the Ozu Sisters head back to the Sarcophagus. To stop them, Mr Nonsense carries Aoi to bait the Sisters to chase them since they bullied Aoi in the past. When Mr Nonsense tries to protect Aoi from Shion, Aoi stands up to Shion, activating her teleportation powers before escaping on a paddle boat. With Shion distracted chasing Aoi at the lake, Ibara and Haruto try to find Ibuki's lover. However, they are captured by Kanon and the Ghosts, with Kanon electrocuting the two but they escape thanks to Ibuki's lover. After convincing him to join them for Ibuki and their child's sake, the three of them try to rendezvous with Aoi who is rescued from Shion by Mr Nonsense. Meanwhile, Gennai, Oyakata and Gojiro manage to fix the power lines but realizes the substation isn't sending electricity. With the storm forming early and for his daughter's sake, Gojiro volunteers to fix the substation, revealing he worked at the Obaida power plant, which was the cause of the accident. Ibara reunites with her team but the Ghosts summon a giant robot spider to the park.

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    Dec 5th, 2013

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    Dec 5th, 2013

    Now there are subs.

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