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Episode Summary: The Coppelions meet the man whose been delivering supplies and radiation suits to the survivors, Doctor Denjiro Shiba, whom the girls learn from Onihei to be the scientist who designed the Obaida Nuclear Power Plant. Feeling responsible for the meltdown and how not all the survivors could escape Tokyo, Dr Denjiro tries to make amends by helping the survivors. However, with high level radiation spreading recently, Dr Denjiro and his assistant Kawata are unable to deliver supplies to the survivors which led them to use a distress signal to call for help. The Coppelions decide to help Dr Denjiro rescue the other survivors, but after he agrees to surrender himself to the authorities. Ibara tries to rescue a "Granny Ayame" from a museum but discovers that she has been kidnapped by two mercenaries for having seen them. Ibara tracks them to military airfield where the mercenaries try to bring Ayame into their B2 stealth jet. A gunfight ensues where Ibara manages to rescue Ayame while the men fly off on their jet. Wanting to interrogate them for answers, Dr. Denjiro and the Coppelions chase the jet on a jeep with Ibara armed with a missile launcher.

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  1. betrayer

    Oct 16th, 2013

    I’m really digging this anime story.

  2. talo

    Oct 19th, 2013

    Anyone else think this was inspired by Japan’s little hazmat problem from the earthquake they had that caused the 5 reactor meltdowns?

  3. keigan

    Nov 4th, 2014


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