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Episode Summary: After a wild chase during which the jet attempts to kill them, Ibara manages to shoot it down after which it crash lands into a lake stadium. When the Coppelions arrive at the stadium, the mercenaries had just died. As they investigate the jet, they discover barrels of radioactive waste in the lake. They now realize what was going on. The mercenaries were working with Yellow Cake, a recycling waste company who had secretly been dumping radioactive waste from around the world into Tokyo, knowing no one would be coming there, , which ended up causing the recent rise in radiation levels. Ibara becomes angry upon learning about this while Dr Denjiro feels that everything is his fault and wants to atone for his faults. Fearing that Dr Denjiro might kill himself, Ibara tracks him to a shrine only to find him removing his helmet. With only ten minutes before the effects of the Ether's anti-radiation properties are gone, the Coppelions quickly drive him to the airfield to be evacuated by Onihei. However, the helicopter has yet to arrive. Dr Denjiro tells everyone to just let him die to atone for his sins but Ibara refuses. With a few seconds left, Onihei's helicopter arrives. He throws another Ether bullet to Ibara for saving Denjiro. As the helicopter gets Kawata and Ayame on board, Onihei helps Denjiro get on board despite the Doctor being indirectly responsible for his family's death during the meltdown. Denjiro apologies to the girls for the world they now live in and gives them a list of the other survivors in Tokyo. As the Coppelions continue their mission, Aoi and Taeko assure Ibara that they will always be there for her.

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