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"Wild Horses"

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Episode Summary: While Spike takes his mono-racer in for maintenance, Jet and Faye take on a group of pirates who use computer viruses to terrorize cargo ships. The Space Shuttle Columbia appears in this episode. Predictably, this episode was pulled from US syndication runs for some time following the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. This episode is named after the song "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones. Kimitoshi Yamane, a mecha designer, created the concept for the episode; Yamane envisioned that pirates would appear, the Bebop would lose control, and that a space shuttle rescues the crew. The Cowboy Bebop Anime Guide Volume 4 stated that the outward appearance of Doohan, a character, appears similar to that of film director Nicholas Ray.[10] The fictional team Blue Socks had inspiration from the Hanshin Tigers. Spike's "dead reckoning" system using lines scored on the window of his ship to estimate entry attitude is very similar to that employed by American astronaut Gordon Cooper during the Faith 7 mission.

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