Cowboy Bebop Episode 26 END English Subbed

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"(FINAL) The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)"

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Episode Summary: Reunited, Spike and Julia pick up where they left off in their plans to escape the Red Dragon syndicate, but Julia ends up being shot and killed. Spike returns to the Bebop for a meal with Jet and Faye, and then storms the Red Dragon's headquarters to confront Vicious for one last battle. Spike fights his way to the top floor of the Red Dragon syndicate skyscraper and kills Vicious, but not before being mortally wounded. He then stumbles down a large set of stairs and faces the syndicate members that rushed to the scene. Making a gun with his fingers and saying "Bang", Spike collapses as the song Blue plays to the final credits. Whether Spike ultimately lives or dies is intentionally left ambiguous. Unlike all the previous episodes, this did not use the regular animated opening credits. Instead, it features a black screen with the title logo in Katakana and English with a copyright notice in white, shown for two seconds in silence. This episode is named after a series of blues compilations released between 1965 and 1967, The Real Folk Blues. Incidentally it is also the name of Cowboy Bebop's ending theme.

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  1. Jason

    May 5th, 2012

    At least he went out with a bang!

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