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"Heavy Metal Queen"
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Episode Summary: The crew of the Bebop chase a bounty named Decker, who is running a load of high explosives. While nursing a hangover at a diner, Spike meets a cargo hauler pilot named V.T., who hates bounty hunters, but ends up lending him a hand. The character Otto was modeled after the character portrated by Bunta Suguhara in Trucker Yarō ("Trucker Guys"), a series of ten films from 1975-1979 directed by Noribumi Suzuki. The names of other trucker characters, including Love Machine, Sneaky Snake, and Spider Mike, originate from the 1978 film Convoy. The line "Breaker One-Nine," stated in the episode by the character Victoria Terpsischore (V.T.), also originates from Convoy, though it is an actual term used by truckers, "Breaker" meaning a driver is coming on to a channel, and "One-Nine" being the East-West bound travel in North America, "One-Four" being North-South travel. Watanabe said that he liked watching Convoy and Trucker Yarō as a child.[

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