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"Mizuki Asami"
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Episode Summary: At the start of the school year, Aoba and Mizuki enter Seishu High School, where Mizuki quickly becomes popular with girls, to Senda's annoyance. Aoba joins the baseball team as a pitcher, which pleases Akaishi and Maeno as the rest of the team will try hard to not lose to a girl. When Mizuki and Aoba reminisce about Wakaba, he tells her that Aoba is the one he loves. Mizuki belatedly recognizes Ko as Wakaba's boyfriend and wonders whether he throws a 100 mph fastball yet. Momiji asks Aoba if she finds Mizuki attractive but she does not answer, and later Momiji remembers Ko and Wakaba playing with her and silently apologies to Wakaba. Several girls ask Mizuki out. He turns them down, claiming to be in love with Aoba, and tells some irate boys that the rumor that Aoba and Ko are going out is false. At practice, Ko tells Akaishi that Aoba is hiding a twisted ankle no one had noticed, and Aoba retaliates by revealing Ko is hiding a stiff left arm. As Mizuki helps Aoba walk home, he tells her he is serious about her.

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