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"Or Is It Fate...?"
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Episode Summary: Seishu wins their first game of the autumn prefectural tournament. On a day without practice, Aoba and Ko each decide to clean their bedrooms, which neither does regularly. As thanks for saving her, Akane makes Aoba a frilly cushion, telling Ko that she always wanted a cute little sister like Aoba. While delivering it, Akane learns that Aoba had an older sister, Wakaba, who died. Aoba quite bluntly asks Ko and Akane that she wishes to continue cleaning and could they please leave. When Akaishi helps his father deliver liquor to the Takigawa soba shop, he again is shocked by Akane's appearance, dropping a complimentary glass, after which Akane learns from Senda (who happened to drop in whilst Akaishi was there) of her resemblance to Wakaba. After practicing in the Tsukishima batting cages, Azuma eats a meal cooked by Aoba at the Clover Cafe despite Ko's warnings. The next day Azuma has acute appendicitis and misses Seishu's next game. While watching it, Akane learns that Aoba cannot play in tournament games such as this one, and begins watching Aoba in the stands. The game is a pitchers' duel that Seishu ultimately loses 1 to 0, after the baseman continally fumble Ko's attempts to prevent stolen bases, and the runner advancing bases from bunted balls.

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