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Episode Summary: Distracted by the coach's request, Aoba burns a customer's order in the Clover Cafe. One night, Ko escorts Akane home because she thinks she is being followed by a stalker, and together Ko and Aoba catch a man who had recently stalked Aoba before finding her too scary. As punishment, Aoba forces the man to use the batting cages until he is exhausted. After Ichiyo tells Junpei Azuma she will marry him if Seishu goes to Koshien, he joins the team as an enthusiastic assistant coach; Ichiyo later tells Ko that she never said she would not marry Junpei if Seishu does not make it. When they go shopping together, Aoba tells Akane about her invitation to join the women's national team, and Akane suggests she chose the course that leads to the fewest regrets. While Junpei and Aoba scout a Ryuo practice, he asks whether she likes his brother. When she cannot answer, he suggests that she be honest with herself, and she later reassures him that Seishu will go to Koshien.

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