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"More Than Anyone in the World..."
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Episode Summary: In the bottom of the 12th with Seishu leading 2 to 1, because Ko is tiring, Akaishi tells him to pitch all out to decide the game now. With two outs and a runner on first, Mishima comes to bat. Still pitching in the high 90s mph, after reaching a full count, Ko walks Mishima with what Junpei calls the fastest pitch of the day also that Aoba and Mishima was shocked about that pitch. As Aoba watches Ko strike out the last batter, she remembers what he said before the game: that Seishu would go to Koshien, he would pitch 100 mph, and he loves her more than anyone. After the game Ko hugs Aoba, who slaps him, saying she hates him more than anyone, then cries into his chest. The morning before traveling to Koshien, Akaishi visits Akane in the hospital, Nakanishi consoles Azuma for losing Aoba, and Aoba and Ko meet at a cafe near the train station, where they talk about Wakaba and Akane's influence. When leaving the cafe Aoba has to drag Ko to the staion(by holding hands), while waiting for the train Ko asks, "how long are we going to hold hands?" which she replies with, "You can let go if you don't like it." the scene ends with them waiting for the train, still holding hands. During the closing credits, Ichiyo Tsukishima and Junpei Azuma get married.

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