D-Frag! Episode 10 English Subbed

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"Tama-senpai, Long Time No See"

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Episode Summary: Kenji gets kidnapped again, this time by the former student council led by senior student Tama. The Game Creation Club and Ataru race to save him, but find themselves facing the Science Club's robot mascot with Shinsen ("Barfy") riding inside. Takao ends up defeating the robot by herself, but when they reach the classroom, Roka finds her usual "darkness" bag attack blocked by Tama's unique twintail hairstyle. Tama demands the Game Creation Club (Provisional) disband, and Kenji proposes a contest to save the club.

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  1. rdillc

    Mar 10th, 2014

    I can’t download for some reason. Should I reset or something

  2. Ragingfox


    Mar 10th, 2014

    Not on your end.

  3. lurkinggood

    Mar 10th, 2014

    It’s another challenge! The stakes have never been harder?

    Will anyone know the rules of whatever game they play?


    My favorite show.

  4. rdillc

    Mar 10th, 2014

    Ok thnx fox

  5. rdillc

    Mar 10th, 2014

    Is there a troll vid

  6. rdillc

    Mar 10th, 2014

    Or Is trollvid still down?

  7. Ragingfox


    Mar 10th, 2014

    Its up but its 2AM for me, Im done for the day. Expect kaede ( <3 ) to put trollvid up for this.

  8. rdillc

    Mar 10th, 2014

    Ok lol sorry thanks for all the great work

  9. rissle

    Mar 10th, 2014

    no download link ?

  10. raditholic

    Mar 10th, 2014

    where is the download link?

  11. lurkinggood

    Mar 11th, 2014

    It cracks me up how the women in the poker game don’t know what a “flush” is.

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