D-Frag! Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Fujou Academy Freedom Festival, AKA FuF Festival"

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Episode Summary: As the day of the school festival draws near, the presidents of both Game Creation Clubs prepare to make their own games to show the students at the festival. Takao and Roka agree that the loser's club will be absorbed by the winner, while Chitose threatens to do "that" (an undefined action) to Takao if her club wins. Later that day, Kenji discovers that Takao's club did a decent job of making their own video game, while Takao finds that the "fake" club made a mini-carnival with various analog games, as the rules never specified the type of game they had to make.

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  1. DarkSight

    Jan 20th, 2014

    yay episode 3

  2. kirigiri-san

    Jan 20th, 2014

    thank you very much for this download :)

  3. DarkSight

    Jan 20th, 2014

    24:18 that moan lol

  4. Animecon

    Jan 20th, 2014

    Does this anime remind anyone else of Kotoura-San?

  5. lurkinggood

    Jan 20th, 2014

    I love this show. It’s actually funny, even with Takao’s boobs being in constant danger of “that.”

  6. crnr


    Jul 11th, 2014

    WTF does “that” even mean??? >.<

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