D.Gray-man Episode 100 English Subbed

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"Level 4"

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Episode Summary: The Level 4 Mother akuma appears out of the remaining alive Combined akuma. Another Level 4, the baby, came out of the mother's body. Allen is stunned at the sight of the Level 4's soul and comments on how terrible it is. Seeing his comrades injured, Allen attacks the Level 4 but is unable to harm it and is blasted away by a beam. The Level 4 screams loudly, causing Allen to lose synchronization and being unable to move. Then, the Level 4 destroys the floor of Lab 5 causing the floor to change into a fiery pit. However, the people were transported by General Cross's Maria's Carte Guarde to a safety place. The Level 4 laughs and heads towards the Black Order to resume its annihilation. Allen loses consciousness with Link by his side.

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