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"It Echoes in the Long Morning"

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Episode Summary: The Level 4 appears to be defeated, but it isn't. It moves and attacks Allen. With the help of the Generals, the Level 4 was destroyed. In the aftermath of the battle, rescue teams are dispatched to gather the survivors. Johnny cried as Tapp turned to sand. General Cross is sent to the Central Office while everyone else must prepare for the relocation of the Black Order's Headquarters. Meanwhile, Krory regains consciousness, much to the joy of his friends. As the Exorcists ponder the significance of Lenalee's evolved Innocence, the "Crystal Type", Allen declares that they must become stronger in order to defeat the Earl. The scene changes to show that the Noahs are attending a ball. The Earl is shown in the shadows with a humanoid shape, saying that he is making a new akuma Egg and causing more tragedy. He is pondering the reasons why he did not kill Allen when Mana died. The end credits show the Exorcists continue their duties; reunited with their Innocences and sporting new outfits. The post-credits reveal the Earl buying flowers from a poor girl. Allen vows to destroy the Earl. The show ends with the letters Fin appearing.

5 Responses to “D.Gray-man Episode 103”

  1. crnr


    Feb 8th, 2014

    well that’s a shitty ending now I know why alot of my classmates hated it back then >.,.<

  2. Barka

    Mar 23rd, 2014

    The manga goes farther but it is on hiatus

  3. 2 Tail Kat

    Jul 1st, 2015

    That is one of the worst endings I have ever seen

  4. 2 Tail Kat

    Jul 1st, 2015

    Good show. Worst ending

  5. wla


    May 24th, 2016

    2nd season has been announced…..

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