D.Gray-man Episode 57 English Subbed

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"Disappearance and Reunion"

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Episode Summary: Lavi and Lenalee travel through the air with Lavi's hammer. They saw Timcanpy being attacked by akuma.After saving Timcanpy from the remaining akuma, Lavi and Lenalee follow Tim back to the bamboo forest, but find that Allen is not there anymore. Tim shows Lavi and Lenalee the memories of what happened there, causing great distraught to both Exorcists. When they return to the port, a man from the Asian Branch named Wong, explains that Allen was found and is being held at their headquarters (in so doing, suggesting that Allen is dead) and that the Exorcists are to continue their journey to Japan without Allen, but arriving as his replacement is Miranda Lotto, who uses her Anti-akuma weapon, Time Record, to restore the ship's damage. Thus, the Exorcists finally depart China. Meanwhile Allen(still thinking he's dead)Dreams a lake lake that reflects the order in ruins with a black moon and red sky and Lenalee crying alone with what appears to be Allen's corpse, only to awaken in the Asian branch, alive.

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