D.Gray-man Episode 67 English Subbed

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"To Edo"

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Episode Summary: A Level 3 akuma heads for China to kill Allen. Lenalee and the others head towards Edo and are ambushed by the Level 3 akuma that they saw on the shore. They manage to evade them for a while, but eventually, they are surrounded. Before they can do anything, however, the Earl summons all akuma to Edo, so they leave without doing anything. Chomesuke also parts with the group because the Earl's order is too strong for her to resist, but she manages to tell them that the Earl is at the Edo Castle. Meanwhile, while training with Fou in the Asian Branch, Allen's eye activates. The Earl orders the akuma to kill General Cross and General Tiedoll and dispatches the Noah Clan. Lavi and the Exorcists appear and challenge them in order to protect the Generals. Tyki Mikk recognizes them and challenges Lavi, who knows him only as the Noah that killed Allen. Tyki tells them that Allen is still alive, but he had sent a Level 3 akuma to kill him.

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