D.Gray-man Episode 68 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: Allen slowly improves his fighting technique, but he still cannot cause his Innocence to materialize, though it does respond to the training. Allen focuses deeply on returning to his friends, causing his Innocence to show high energy readings. However, just as the energy readings peak, Allen's left eye activates and searches for an unknown target, which causes Allen great pain and alarms the scientists. Allen describes a growing sense that an akuma is calling him and he tries to continue training, despite the immense pain. However, at that point, the pain spikes and Allen faints. As they take a break, Bak and the apprentices contemplate Allen's fate. Suddenly, Fou senses something strange as Tyki Mikk's Level 3 assassin approaches, and she tells Bak to hide Allen. The akuma blows a hole through Fou, breaking her barrier. The Branch alarm goes off, and everyone panics; Allen, having come to, runs into the apprentices then comes face to face with the Level 3. Allen's left eye immediately activates and omits a strange sensation. Fou tells Allen to run (as his life is the top priority), but Allen refuses. At that moment, the akuma attacks Allen with its dark matter, piercing through his chest.

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