D.Gray-man Episode 69 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: Tyki's Level 3 akuma assassin hits Allen with its dark matter that partially breaks down his molecular structure, making his body highly unstable. Meanwhile, as the Asian Branch enters lockdown, Bak awakens the guardian deity with a blood seal on his hand, trapping the akuma in a web of light. The group then retreats, with Bak carrying a wounded Fou and Rikei carrying an unstable Allen. Bak leads them to a large room, which he attempts to seal with the guardian deity. However, before he can finish, the akuma catches up with them. Fou decides to sacrifice herself in order to allow Allen and the others get to safety. She takes the form of Allen and enters the passage to face the akuma as Bak seals the section away. Allen, who is deeply upset by Fou's sacrifice, tries to force Bak to unseal the doorway (even threatening to expose Bak's secret stalking of Lenalee). When Bak still refuses, Allen expresses his realization that he fights for the sake of both humans and akuma. Then, black blood drips from his left eye instead of tears. His Innocence manifests itself around him, and he warps to the door, which Bak finally unseals. Allen enters the room just as Fou is about to be killed. Allen jumps onto the akuma's back and injures it with his right hand.

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