D.Gray-man Episode 71 English Subbed

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"The Signed Name"

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Episode Summary: After Allen recovers his left arm, he reflects on his old Innocence while many tests are done on the Ark. The tests show that his Innocence has completely synchronized with his body. Bak and Allen decide on a new name for Allen's newly evolved Innocence: God's Clown, also known as Crown Clown. He is then given a new Exorcist coat by Wong, and he bids farewell to the Asian Branch, preparing to leave and board the Ark. Bak gives Allen a wireless communicator in a form of a gold earring, which allows him to talk to Komui. Lou Fa, Rikei, and Shifu return Allen's deck of cards, and Allen prepares to head off to Edo via Noah's Ark. The episode ends with Lavi preparing to engage in battle with Tyki Mikk.

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