D.Gray-man Episode 73 English Subbed

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"Kanda Engages in Battle"

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Episode Summary: The fight between Lavi and Tyki continues. While Lavi is repeatedly beaten down by Tyki, Bookman and Krory continue their assault on the Combined akuma, but their attacks continue to fail. Meanwhile, Miranda can no longer maintain her Innocence's barrier over the storage room, giving Tyki the opportunity to capture Lenalee. Chaoji and his comrades attempt to help her, but their efforts are in vain. Just as Tyki is about to deal them the killing blow, Kanda intervenes and begins a fight with Tyki. With Lavi's help, he manages to save Lenalee. Tyki prepares to counterattack, but he retreats when ordered to by the Millennium Earl. Marie uses his Noel Organon's ability to paralyze one of the Combined akuma. Kanda then reveals Mugen's second illusion, Nigentou, and destroys the akuma in one slash. However, before the Exorcists can relax, the Earl fires off a black orb of energy that grows larger and larger, engulfing Edo in the process.

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