D.Gray-man Episode 78 English Subbed

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"Taboo, Three Illusions"

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Episode Summary: Kanda, superior in speed, and Skin, superior in power, fight to an apparent stalemate. Skin reflects on his past while barraging Kanda with blasts of lightning; Kanda responds by using his Nigentou. The room shakes, signaling that it will collapse soon; Kanda then activates his Kinki Sangenshiki (Taboo Three Illusions). As he uses this move (which drains part of his life), Kanda remembers a conversation that he had with Komui, regarding the duration of his life, as well as a lotus blossom that symbolizes the amount of time that he has left. Suddenly, chains (representing Skin's dark energy) materialize, connecting Kanda to Skin. Skin uses these to throw Kanda around, telling him that the Noah can never die. Finally, Kanda unleashes a final attack. As Skin falls, Kanda tells him that anyone can die as long as they remain mortal. Sure of his victory, Kanda heads for the exit. However, as he approaches it, Skin reawakens and prepares for his final attack.

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