D.Gray-man Episode 79 English Subbed

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"Noah's Memory"

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Episode Summary: Believing he defeated Skin, Kanda walks to the exit of the room, but the numbness in his left hand and knee hinder him. In addition, too much of his life was consumed in the battle with Skin. As he is about to lose consciousness, Skin's eyes start to bleed. Skin remembers three years ago, when he went to see a priest who told him about Noahs. Remembering the pain that the Innocence caused his ancestors, the Noah revives to fight Kanda once more. Draining more of his life, Kanda restores Mugen momentarily and destroys him, but the exit crumbles before he can leave. As the room crumbles, Kanda thinks of his comrades and of the lotus blossom, representing the remainder of his life, wilting, and he smiles before he disappears. The room then completely collapses. In Edo, Miranda notices that someone's time has vanished.

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