D.Gray-man Episode 86 English Subbed

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"The Weak Person"

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Episode Summary: Allen's battle with Tyki Mikk and Lavi's struggle with Road's dream continue. Tyki is determined to crush Allen's Innocence once again. Then Allen remembers Komui saying that Innocence is the weakness of Noah and vice versa. Tyki attacked Allen with a strong power damaging Allen's Innocence, but it healed. Allen pushes his Innocence to injure Tyki's Noah within him. Thus, Tyki uses his ability to create a vacuum in the atmosphere around Allen, disabling his ability to breathe and suffocating him. As Tyki enters the vacuum to finish off Allen, he notices that Allen is still conscious. Allen attempts to activate his Innocence with stronger synchronization and power, but Tyki drives his hand into Allen's heart. And as he is about to crush it, Allen's body begins glowing. Meanwhile in the HQ, Hevlaska is experiencing pain and chanting that a new General is coming. Komui and Reever both suggest that it is Allen. Back at the Ark, Allen pushes Tyki away and his forearm is transformed into a sword handle. As he pulls it out, he mentions that the critical point has been broken. The episode ends with Tyki shocked and Allen wielding the sword, with his left arm gone.

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