D.Gray-man Episode 97 English Subbed

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"Headquarters Under Siege"

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Episode Summary: The Noah, Lulubell disguised as Branch Head Andrew Nansen, and her army of akuma and Skulls attack the Headquarters' Lab 5, where the akuma "Egg" is being studied. The army injures the entire science department and intending to turn them into Skulls; Tapp is the first to be transformed. Allen and Bookman arrive through the Ark just as Reever was about to be the second. Lulubell orders the akuma to hold off the Exorcists until she has retrieved the Egg, throwing Allen immediately into battle. Lenalee and Lavi attempt to reach Allen, but they are stopped by Komui and locked into the infirmary. Lenlee begs Komui to let her go so she can see Hevlaska and re-synch with her Innocence. But Komui refuses, saying he cannot lose her. Meanwhile, Allen and Bookman still struggle with the endless army of level 3 akuma. Lulubell opens up a gate, and prepares the Egg for retrieval.

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