Da Capo IF Episode 1 English Subbed

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"Da Capo IF Episode 1"

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Episode Summary: The episode begins with a short scene between Kotori and her older sister, Koyomi - the night before a wedding was to take place. Koyomi congratulates her, stating that happiness would surely come to Kotori's life with "him" by her side. Kotori thanks her sister for remaining at her side up until now. Just about a year after Nemu's death (the cause being unknown), everyone has been helping Jun'ichi manage his life in Nemu's absence. Kotori, in particular, has been spending most of the day with him; they go to school and back together and she also cooks for him every day. Almost kissing at a beach, Jun'ichi begins to question his feelings for Kotori, though is also questioning whether he is betraying Nemu's feelings or not. The following day, Jun'ichi visits Nemu's grave, and later decides to clean up Nemu's room. Jun'ichi and his friends reminisce the past when Nemu was still alive, leaving Kotori in confusion. She questions Jun'ichi of his motives, and he responds that it was necessary to remove the remaining imprint of Nemu from the world, or otherwise, he cannot move on. Bewildered, Kotori hastily leaves the house, Jun'ichi following suit. Both confront each other at the front, where Kotori explains that something was not right in his motives. Jun'ichi attempts to confess his love to Kotori, and knowing what he was about to do, she rejects it, despite not hearing it fully, and apologizes.

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