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"Da Capo IF Episode 2"

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Episode Summary: After Kotori refused to accept Jun'ichi's confession, complications arise and Jun'ichi reflects on his motives to clean Nemu's room. Kotori continues to question her feelings in confusion as to why she could not bear to accept Jun'ichi's feelings, thus continuing to distance from him. Soon, not only has depression struck both, but it arises their friends' concern on their well-being, tracing the cause back to Jun'ichi's decision to clean up. Kotori continues to ponder in the park, when she was approached by Koyomi. Not knowing what to do, Kotori asks for advice, and is questioned in return as to why she loved Jun'ichi in the first place. Jun'ichi is confronted by Sakura, who hastily returned to the house, and questions further his motives, considering them as cruel and futile, and the most being, Kotori would not have asked for such a thing from him. Jun'ichi resolves his motives, and decides to go and look for Kotori. Meeting upon the dead cherry blossom tree, both are resolved and Jun'ichi firmly confesses to Kotori, which she happily accepts, followed by a kiss. A marriage follows, and a reunion has taken place at the school. Jun'ichi and Kotori begin to pass through the lush green row of sakura trees, when under Nemu's wish for their happiness, reverts all of the sakura trees in Hatsunejima to their pink blossoms.

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