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"Blooming Cherry Blossoms"

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Episode Summary: On the island of Hatsune-jima, 20 years after it was once well known for its blooming everlasting cherry blossom trees, the official Kazami Academy newspaper club members: Kiyotaka Yoshino, his cousin Charles Yoshino, his neighbor Himeno Katsuragi, the club president Ricca Morizono, Sara Rukawa, and Aoi Hinomoto decide "magic" to be their article theme in order to beat their rival, Suginami, the president of the unofficial newspaper club. They pay a visit to the dead cherry blossom tree in Sakura Park, rumored to be magic in the past. When they make a wish, the cherry blossom tree suddenly blooms much to everybody's surprise. At that moment, they all received a text message that says "When the cherry blossoms bloom, at that promised place..." from an unknown sender dated in 1951. The next morning, while the islanders are excited by the cherry blossom trees blooming again the two clubs accept a duel to unravel the mystery of the cherry blossom tree with Kiyotaka's partnership on the bet. Sakura Yoshino makes an appearance at the cherry blossom tree.

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  1. lolishota

    Jan 7th, 2013

    its a plain..bland episode for me…
    Im a fan of da capo but somethings seems not right.. hmpff..

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