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"Place of Memories and Beginnings"

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Episode Summary: Sakura walks in a rainy night as the memories of Jun'ichi Asakura sadden her. Ricca also confuse with sudden influx of memories she'd remembered. After seeing Sakura in the rain Himeno goes searches for her then called Kiyotaka for help. Ricca touches the eternal cherry blossom tree and remembers past memories of her and Kiyotaka living as a family when they first planted the tree. Sakura arrives at the old Asakura and Yoshino residence and remembers more of Jun'ichi and Nemu back in the day. Ricca found Sakura and tells a story about her life as a magician and her friend Jill. Then the sun rises through the clouds. Sakura decides to keep moving forward.

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  1. Geponeto


    Mar 18th, 2013


  2. faydee

    Mar 18th, 2013

    So, is Utamaru immortal just like Sakura? And where was utamaru in DCII? The plot holes are damn huge.

    And what’s with that parallel dimension stuff where Rikka is a magician and has lesbian ambitions? Questions over questions, which hopefully get answered soon.

  3. trang

    Mar 18th, 2013

  4. BlackPanda (o..o)

    Apr 2nd, 2013

    I think Rikka is the grandmother of sakura and she planted the tree…I guess?

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