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"Da Capo"

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Episode Summary: Kiyotaka wakes up in the morning then walks with Himeno and everyone else to school. They decided to write a different article for the graduation edition for the official newspaper club. Charles jumps on Kiyotaka again, Sara and Aoi try to spend time with him. Himeno contacts Kiyotaka in the courtyard but they get interrupted. Ricca has lunch with Kiyotaka as they talk more about past lives. The official and the unofficial club members found them on the roof of the school, Suginami uses his trick to help Kiyotaka and Ricca escape from them since their competition is meaningless now. Ricca tells Kiyotaka how they should move with their daily lives. The girls eventually found them and they all ask Kiyotaka to which girl he would choose, but he answers that he wants their relationship to stay the way they are for now. That evening, at the eternal cherry blossom tree they meet a girl, who reveals she is Sakura Yoshino, different from the other Sakura they all knew which feels nostalgic to them. She shows her magic of summoning Japanese sweets as she about to tell them a long dream-like story like a da capo. The episode ends showing Sakura in London holding a sakura twig meeting Ricca and Kiyotaka.

5 Responses to “Da Capo III Episode 13”

  1. icemake

    Apr 2nd, 2013

    i want the download link

  2. Sugoisan

    Apr 2nd, 2013

    this anime is so cheap… its sad tha this is what has become of such a good anime.

  3. bleh

    Apr 2nd, 2013

    Stop complaining, no one is forcing you to watch this. I watched from DCI first episode til this episode here and i still love it.

    It’s confusing and has plot holes, but the most important story parts gets explained. I’m not watching it for the story, but for the cute and funny characters.

  4. Geponeto


    Apr 3rd, 2013

    That was the last episode. omg
    That was only weak and i don’t understand the story.
    I have seen all Da Capo videos and that was interesting.
    This anime is only perv

  5. deathtempest

    Jul 16th, 2013

    I watch da capo since s1 and this 3rd installment was a great addition to my list…. good anime….. thnx for the dl link… lol

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