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"A Place One Wants to Be Forever"

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Episode Summary: Kiyotaka is on the bus with Himeno, with an awkward atmosphere since the past events in the morning; Kiyotaka went in Himeno's bedroom without permission and sees her undressed, which infuriated her. The bus stops suddenly and Kiyotaka saves Himeno from falling and she thanks him. In the club room they decipher the information they have gather so far, which leads to the former principal of Kazami Academy who resembles Sakura that disappeared 20 years ago, much to Kiyotaka's surprise. Later that day, Sakura and Kiyotaka end up playing together in the park after he finds her spying on him, she notices Kiyotaka is daydreaming while looking slightly lonely. Himeno invites him out in the evening where the two take a walk alone. Kiyotaka admits he feels unfortunate because he is spending a lot less time with her which touches Himeno. She insists on holding hands with Kiyotaka and he agrees to.

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  1. lolishota

    Jan 28th, 2013

    cute episode^_^ and the plot is getting more and more interesting .. now i wonder how can they put up the pieces with the previous seasons.. cant wait for the next episode!!

  2. Darkness

    Mar 17th, 2013


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