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"Prom Night"

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Episode Summary: A lot of deaths have occurred recently, and a survivor claims the attacker a vampire. On a game show, five contestants are asked if they believe in the existence of vampires. Three of the contestants say they do not believe and the other two think otherwise. One of the two believers is a fashion model named Yumi and the other is a heartthrob vampire actor named Seiichi Hirai. The two have an argument with the other three contestants on the existence of said creatures. A young girl in the audience from Romania enters the argument. It is then revealed by a mystery caller that the girl who survived the vampire attack was saved by one of her "agents". When asked why her people got involved, she says they were ordered to by the vampire princess. A servant of the princess by the name of Veratos is introduced onto the show. One of the opposing contestants, Isao Ebikawa, believes she is an actress and outright states this. Veratos then reveals the arm of a vampire in a case. Seiichi is then revealed to be the vampire attacking people and it is also revealed that the in-cased arm is his. After biting into Yumi's neck and sucking out her blood, he transforms into his "true form" which resembles a chameleon. He then escapes from the show set to the roof. There, the actual vampire princess is revealed to be the young girl in the audience who entered the argument. She then confronts the monster and kills him with great ease. The princess reveals her name as Mina Tepeş. Mina states that she will be using Tokyo Landfill #0 as the new kingdom of the vampires and states it will be called the Vampire Bund.

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