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Episode Summary: Akira Kaburagi Regendorf excuses himself from class when the subject of vampires was stirred up, feeling uneasy about it. Yuki Saegusa catches up to him to bring him a boxed lunch, but she is soon called in by Nanami Shinonome to discuss about the student council financial report. Ryohei Kuze tries to encourage Akira to make a move on Yuki, but to no avail. Akira later notices a girl who covertly observes him. He instantly sees a series of past memories of her when he touches her, causing him a major headache. The girl runs off when Yuki arrives, who tells him to see a doctor. Akira later encounters the girl in front of a billboard, introducing herself as Mina, the vampire princess. A military helicopter fire missiles toward Mina, but Akira manages to duck and cover her from the sudden attack. Mina then asks Akira to apply shade gel on her, which is to prevent her from deteriorating due to sunlight, in which she eventually coerces him into attending to her. Two assassins disguised as police charged at Mina and Akira, yet they are easily defeated in the end. On the top of a large tower, Akira reveals that he has amnesia due to a head injury he suffered a year ago. Immediately after, a spider vampire named Tsuchigumo attacks Mina and Akira. When Tsuchigumo flings Akira to the ground, Mina cries out his name, triggering a memories where he promised to always protect Mina when they were younger. Akira rediscovers his heritage as a werewolf of the Earth Clan. As he makes his way to the top of the tower, he slaughters Tsuchigumo and rescues Mina.

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    hmmm I think you can’t call this echi cause there was nothing to look at?

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