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Episode Summary: Waking up in Mina's bedroom, he realizes that last night's happenings was not a dream. He is also aware that all of his memories have returned. Mina is now a transfer student at Akira's academy, however everyone is shocked to see that Mina and Akira share a master and servant relationship. Akira runs off to get away from all the commotion. He receives a text message to meet up with Mina soon. Yuki manages to find him, questioning about his association with Mina and his restoration of his memories. The student council finds out that Mina is the actually founder and chairwoman of the academy, much to Nanami's chagrin. Akira appears in the office, not noticing that he left behind his cellphone until later. Nanami wagers the capture of Akira for the expulsion of Mina, inviting all the students to participate. Meanwhile, Mina and Veratos are having a business meeting with various politician representatives regarding the ratification of the Special Zone Establishment Bill submitted by Isurugi. In their presentation, it is displayed that the government has increased in debts and decreased in bonds over time. It is also noted that the vampire corporation has earned more income than the other represented corporations. Just when the student council has Akira cornered, Mei Ren shoots a hard candy as a bullet into a window, which then distracts the student council and allows Akira to escape. Mei Ren leaves her contact information on his cellphone, giving it back to him. Back at Mina's estate, Akira jokes that he had forgotten about his childhood promise to always protect Mina. Elsewhere, Nanami is seen being engulfed by a horde of zombie vampires.

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