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"Interview with Vampire"
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Episode Summary: Mina is planning to hold a worldwide press conference, as all members are thoroughly tested to be humans for security measures. She is greeted by Juneau Dermailles, who insults the reputation of both Akira and Veratos as savage guard dogs, frustrating the two as they leave. Akira and Veratos later go on top of a large tower, where they converse about their loyalty toward Mina. Veratos goes on to say that the vampire race will cease to exist if the death of the princess were to occur. Dermailles reports that one of his newly recruited agents has gone missing and a deadly bomb has recently been stolen. While Mina holds her press conference, Akira and Veratos try to search for the bomb. During the press conference, Mina mentions that the vampire corporation has given support to the government and economy. She further voices that the vampire corporation would withdraw its support if the Special Zone Establishment Bill was declined. Akira and Veratos find out that a reporter named Nicole Edelman has the scent of shade gel, confirming the identity of a vampire. Nicole is not only is responsible for killing Dermailles' agent, but has also removed some of her internal organs to stitch the bomb into her body. Just when Nicole attempts to attack Mina, Akira restrains her and Veratos stabs her in the chest, which inflames her body. The bomb, however, has already been activated. Unable to disarm it, Akira throws the bomb into a disabled elevator shaft, causing a small explosion. The bill is eventually considered, as the entire city had witnessed the turnout of the press conference, whether they believed it or not.

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