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"Lost Boy"
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Episode Summary: It is explained that a capsules, called Agni's Blood, are implanted in Hysterica's vampire army, causing them to self-destruct via cellphone signal to carry out suicide bombings, which make take place in the underground subway stations. Veratos tells Yuzuru that she chose to become a vampire to serve under Queen Lucretia, Mina's mother. Mina and Hysterica met on top of a tall building to negotiate. Hysterica is caught off guard when Veratos sets off a detonator, causing the building to collapse. While falling, Hysterica loses hold of her cellphone, and Mina tries to obtain it, but fails to do so. Once underground, Mina reveals that the station is surrounded by aluminum foil and signal cancellation devices to prevent the any large-scale suicide bombings. A desperate Hysterica orders a weakened Nanami to head to the roof of the building to initiate the cellphone signal to proceed with the plan. Yuzuru comes to stop Nanami, knowing of her obsessive feelings for him, as he stabs her with a knife. Akira finds a depressed Hikosaka aboard a subway train with a cellphone. The train explodes when Hikosaka decides to commit suicide, as Akira mourns for his death. When Hysterica tries to kill Nanami and Yuzuru by breaking the bridge above, Mina transforms and saves the two from plunging to the ground below. Hysterica then realizes that the knife that was stabbed into Nanami is actually an extract of Mina's blood, making her the new master. Nanami pierces Hyseterica's chest with the knife and Veratos ejects Agni's blood into it, igniting Hysterica. Though Nanami is asked to work for Mina, Yuzuru opts to become a vampire to stay by Nanami's side.

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