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"Kill and Live: (Not) Normal Arc"

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Episode Summary: After Makoto learns from Monokuma about the faulty door on his bedroom's shower room, Sayaka comes to his room, saying she is afraid that someone may be after her, so Makoto offers to switch rooms with her to put her at ease. The next day, however, Makoto discovers his room in a mess and is horrified to find Sayaka lying dead in the shower room, having been stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife. As Makoto becomes angered by this tragic turn of events, Monokuma explains that one of the students is responsible for her murder and they must judge for themselves who the killer is in a "class trial". If the guilty culprit is successfully deduced, that person alone will be executed, but if they accuse the wrong person, then the culprit will get to escape the academy whilst everyone else will be put to death. When fashionista Junko Enoshima voices her objection and assaults Monokuma, she is impaled to death by spears as punishment, warning the other students what will happen if they don't follow the rules. After the students' electronic IDs are updated with details about the murder, Makoto is immediately made a prime suspect when it is shown Sayaka had died in his room. The students begin their investigation, making notes of all the evidence they find, including a message written in Sayaka's blood reading "11037". Before the trial begins, Makoto finds Sayaka's motivational DVD, revealing that her fellow members in an idol group were all killed by Monokuma and stating she would only learn why if she graduated. As the students head for the courtroom, Makoto receives cryptic words of advice from mysterious student Kyouko Kirigiri.

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