Danganronpa Episode 1 English Subbed

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"Welcome to Despair High School"

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Episode Summary: After winning a special lottery, Makoto Naegi, an average student, enrolls at the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy for talented students. However, the moment Makoto steps inside the school grounds, he falls unconscious and later wakes up in a classroom littered with security cameras and steel plates. Following a note's instruction to assemble in the gym, Makoto finds fourteen other unique students in a similar situation, including a school idol from his old middle school, Sayaka Maizono. It is at this point that the self-proclaimed principal, a remote-controlled stuffed bear named Monokuma, appears before them, announcing that the students will be staying in the school for the rest of their lives. He reveals that the only way to escape the academy is to "graduate" by killing another student. Rejecting this idea, the students spend the next few days searching the school grounds in order to try and find an alternative exit. Deciding everyone needs a motive to kill, Monokuma shows each student a personalized DVD motivating them to try and escape at any cost. In Makoto's case, it is a video of his family being put in danger. As Sayaka is also unnerved by her video, Makoto calms her down, promising that he will find a way to get both of them out.

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  1. Onglie


    Jul 5th, 2013


  2. whatanime

    Jul 5th, 2013

    Nice anime. i think ill stick with this one =D

  3. nightfox

    Jul 5th, 2013


  4. Kazu

    Jul 5th, 2013


  5. Geponeto


    Jul 5th, 2013

    if you mean nice than its sure nice (hardcore)

  6. Betrayer

    Jul 5th, 2013

    Well, this one really got me interested. I never thought that a Doraemon’s evil cousin could be so effective. ^_^

  7. tsunavx

    Jul 5th, 2013


  8. squallffx

    Jul 5th, 2013

    hey hey

  9. squallffx

    Jul 5th, 2013


  10. Raining


    Jul 5th, 2013


  11. eddydadi

    Jul 6th, 2013


  12. talo

    Jul 6th, 2013

    This looks like an anime was made out of a shitty fighting game. I can just picture what the game is like too…. I hope this isn’t just to promote it…. But maybe the fights will be interesting. The story line and characters are really bad though >.>

  13. Anemois

    Jul 6th, 2013

    Damn it was getting good

  14. truth

    Jul 6th, 2013

    This anime is trash

  15. olympus

    Jul 6th, 2013

    hmm reminds me of deadman wonderland or Btooom

  16. crnr


    Jul 6th, 2013

    and thus thats how every survival game started XD
    kyoko kirigiri an interesting character :3 my best candidate to survive or so I hope XD

  17. KnowOne

    Jul 6th, 2013

    seems like a good show

  18. kimthecreator


    Jul 8th, 2013

    This show is exactly what I have been looking for. Considering that I absolutely adored Mirai Nikki, BTOOOM!, and deadman wonderland, I love the idea of the show and the characters. I especially like the bear usually in animes they only feature animals like cats, fishes or birds so a bear is refreshing. People might say the plot is unoriginal or whatever but that is fine by me since not everything is original; all that matters to me is how they execute the idea. So to wrap it up, I can’t wait to see what this show has in store. (hoping for no disappointment this is just the first ep)

  19. Kagamanasakin

    Jul 8th, 2013

    Wahhh.. I hope this is cooll…

  20. Emirex


    Aug 4th, 2013

    Help pls my downloading keep failing… is der a new way 2 download videos

  21. Emirex


    Aug 4th, 2013

    Help pls my downloading keep failing… is der a new way 2 download videos in general

  22. izzybear


    Aug 8th, 2013

    To download videos, you need to register with the forums of this website. Press the ‘Community’ button at the very top of the page.
    ~ izzybear

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    Feb 11th, 2014


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  25. ATC

    Feb 25th, 2014


  26. r4ph

    May 4th, 2014

    first minute………………DA FUQ?!

  27. animeonlydxd

    Jan 2nd, 2015

    So did anyone actually watch the anime because they played the game first or is it just me? :o

  28. seyone

    Apr 3rd, 2015


  29. seyone

    Apr 3rd, 2015

    One of the best animes i have seen

  30. AnotherGhostOnline

    Sep 12th, 2015

    Love this anime XD

  31. Maz

    Jan 13th, 2016

    Very interesting anime like Corpse Party.

  32. Anonymous

    May 30th, 2016

    Well killing and survival is one of my favorites so i like em but the characters just goes too overboard i mean atleast some of them are cute but the others looks weird D:

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