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"Weekly Shounen Despair Magazine: Not Normal Arc"

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Episode Summary: As the second trial begins, Byakuya states that Touko is the culprit as she has dissociative identity disorder, her other personality being none other than Genocider Sho. Surely enough, as Touko faints, her personality switches to that of Genocider who, despite casually admitting she is a genuine homicidal maniac, denies killing Chihiro, as she always uses scissors in all of her serial killings. Being the only other one who knew of Genocider's crimes, Byakuya is suspected of the crime, curiously not denying it. However, after Makoto deduces Chihiro was actually killed in the boy's changing room, with Kyouko subsequently revealing Chihiro was, in fact, a boy who dressed as a girl, Byakuya admits he is not the killer and had only modified the crime scene to make the game more interesting. As Celestia gives her testimony about seeing Chihiro carry a sports bag containing a jersey the night before, Mondo accidentally lets slip that he knew what color the jersey was, eventually admitting he is the culprit. After the guilty verdict, Monokuma reveals that Chihiro had come to Mondo, revealing her true gender, in the hopes he could help her become stronger. Mondo, who had kept secret the fact that he was responsible for his brother's death in order to keep his gang together, became jealous of Chihiro's strength and killed her in a fit of rage, moving her corpse to the girl's changing room and destroying her ElectroID to protect his honor. Lamenting his actions, Mondo is put through his execution, in which he is spun around in a motorcycle death cage until liquified into butter, leaving Kiyotaka mortified. Meanwhile, Monokuma is seen talking with an unknown person, discussing the mysterious sixteenth student of the academy.

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