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"―The Portrait of Heresy―"

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Episode Summary: With her hair cut, Iwai finally has a chance to live a normal life. Yamane is really surprised and texts Houko about Iwai's hair, asking what she should do. Iwai enrolls into Kiri's classroom and is indeed nervous since she hasn't gone to school for a long time. The classmates get reactions seeing how Iwai resembles an elementary student; Kiri defends her hair from being touch by others. With class over, Yamane meets them and Iwai asks for her apologize, as Yamane accepted the kindness she talks about her ancestor, a medical personnel that could only kill peoples with her poison injections. Suddenly, she pulls out her Killing Good syringe "The Injection of Eternal Sleep" as her killing emotions begin to emerge and fights Kiri as he protects Iwai. In the morning, Kiri awakens and sees an inappropriate scene of Yamane injecting Houko as her "Instead" of calming her emotions. Then is introduced by Professor Kanae Sumeragi a member of the Gossip organization, Iwai opens the door with her hair grown fast. Kanae tells about the curse of Zewulfa, the original "Hair Queen", and "Killing Goods" owned by Authors. Revealing that whoever kills the Hair Queen with the Killing Goods a wish will be granted. Following the many fears they have to face, Kiri realize that he must protect Iwai with Crime Edge since she is his Instead too.

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