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"Song of the Unseen Tomorrow"
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Episode Summary: While Huey is reading a newspaper article about an immortal man who doesn't die after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, Dalian is busy buying buns after spotting an ad for a new shop in the paper. However, once her shopping is finished, a crowd of zombies appear in the vicinity. Dalian believes that the Book of Atonement has been printed onto copies of the newspaper, so they go out in search of the factory printing the newspapers. There they meet the Professor and Raziel, who seem to have ulterior motives serving against the benefit of London. Upon realizing that Huey would be a threat to their cause, the Professor shoots him, but Huey grabs Dalian and together the two of them attempt to escape from the hoard of zombies running the newspaper factory. Suffering from his fatal wounds, Huey asks Dalian that he go into the archives and retrieve the girl inside, who up until that point had been the one handing the books to Huey when he called upon them. Huey and the girl try to leave the archives, but the guardian of the gates to the archives send Huey into an infinite space, where he forgets all that he has known. Distraught, Dalian, back in the human world, agrees with the girl inside the archives to work together to bring him back. Thus, Huey's child form appears before him with the Phantom Book needed to escape, thus allowing Huey to remember who he is. Huey returns to the human world and kills all the zombies; meanwhile, Hal and Flam arrive at the factory and burn all of the newspapers, briefly encountering Professor and Raziel before they depart from the scene. Thus, the three Biblioprincesses and Key Keepers go their separate ways, but are bound by fate to meet again.

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