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"Things You Can't Give Up"

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Episode Summary: Picking up directly from Origami seeing Kotori, a frightened Kotori is with Shido at the amusement park riding various roller coasters and attractions on their date. Without communications, Ratatoskr can only monitor with Kyouhei making masochistic comments to the opportunities Shido should have taken. While separated, Yoshino tells Tohka what she overheard about Kotori being a Spirit and how Shido is trying to seal her powers. Origami steals the DW-029 Annihilator Gear codenamed “White Licorice” and suddenly attacks Kotori as she is talking to Shido. Origami enters into a rampage, going into a full offensive when she witnesses Kotori change into her Spirit form. Before Kotori strikes a finishing blow, Origami tells her of how she killed Origami's parents five years ago sending Kotori into a state of temporary shock. Shido intervenes, delaying Origami but as she is about to fire Tohka and Yoshino arrive. Tohka strives to stop Origami but as her ordnance is exploding ever closer to Shido and Kotori, the latter two kiss effectively sealing Efreet. During the kiss, Shido and Kotori remember exactly what happened five years prior. Shido pleads with Origami as she reaches the operational limit of White Licorice and collapses from exhaustion. Kurumi is seen on a rooftop only commenting "This is not enough." Back on Fraxinus, Reine reveals that the date wasn't necessary as Kotori's affection levels hadn't wavered since Shido first woke. Kotori returns to fill out reports asking if what Shido said was true. Kotori gets uncharacteristically embarrassed as he confirms his love of her, but as Shido finishes saying simply as his sister he receives swift punishment. During the credits it's shown that White Licorice has been returned and Origami has been hospitalized. As Shido is going to kiss Tohka he's interrupted by Ratatoskr and finally [Yoshinon] along with Yoshino who simply say "To be continued. Sometime."

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    Phew… finally the subs is here

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    Good ep

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    last episode 4 this season -_-

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    well its not the last episode its because the other evil spirit hasn’t saved yet so there still more episodes and I will wait for it… here I come next episode i’ll wait for you ! yeaha!

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    YOSHINO !! don’t worry even if shido forgot you we will still love you TILL THE DAY WE DIE !! :3 <3

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    and for the ppl who’s asking about the episodes of this season well .. its over but they will make a 2nd season cuz you have that spirit who wields that zaphkiel and the mystery of that split character that kotori i still don’t get it !! :3

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    I love how everyone seems to be assuming a second season based solely off of open ended plot points considering half of these types of shows end after one half season and leave even more plot points open than this one did. That being said I would like a second season I’m just sadly not too optimistic about getting one.

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    Nice series. 7/10 DL.

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    i hope there is a nxt episode indeed

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    There is an OVA. Second season not yet announced but a man can still dream.

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    8 / 10

    Well, hope for 2nd to be better and have more Romance. hehehe

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    BULLSHIT!! those guys interrupted the kiss… oh well there will be more kisses by Shido to the other Spirits! YEAH!!!! love this anime sooooo much

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    lets just hope they plan to do a second season

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    nc anime

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    Not the best source of info, but here you go.

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    season 2 coming?

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