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15 Responses to “Date A Live II PV”

  1. kevin

    Feb 19th, 2014

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck get hyped scrublords.

  2. HAY HAY HAY you know it!

  3. klamens

    Feb 19th, 2014


  4. mikunazmi

    Feb 19th, 2014

    season 2?reallly?

  5. crnr


    Feb 19th, 2014

    OMG! that sword HE was holding >.<
    from the looks of it SHE is still the final boss XD

  6. credens

    Feb 20th, 2014

    :3 YAY!

  7. Zygna


    Feb 20th, 2014


  8. zero

    Feb 20th, 2014

    ooooo myyyyy gooooood i cant wait i just cant wait..

  9. Ragingfox


    Feb 21st, 2014

    Dear god no.

  10. DarkSight

    Feb 21st, 2014


  11. XYUKI

    Feb 22nd, 2014


  12. SupMan

    Mar 8th, 2014


  13. Nate


    Mar 17th, 2014

    CANT WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ghooball

    Mar 17th, 2014

    Kaguya Yamai and Yuzuru Yamai(Twins) are in the OVA for the first season, I knew they looked like they had on spirit type clothes on.

  15. Hjeckydell

    May 7th, 2016

    Aww Tohka had a large supply of Soy Flour Bread!!

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