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"Date to Date"

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Episode Summary: While Tohka experiments with the new cellphone she got from Kotori, Origami approaches Shido and demands a date with him. Unable to refuse, Shido is assisted by the Fraxinus crew to ensure that their date becomes a total failure but all his attempts to ditch her are futile. Meanwhile, while shopping for dinner, Tohka calls Shido at his phone and believing his words of rejection are to her, she falls into despair and her powers go haywire, until Shido runs after her to clear the misunderstanding. Some time later, Shido has a date in the arcade with Tohka and when he asks to take a picture with her, she refuses and enters the photo cabin by herself instead, giving him a picture of hers that she claims is for his eyes only. Back at the school, the other students accidentally see the picture that is revealed to be a naked photo of Tohka, as the only photo she ever took was during a medical examination and believed Shido wanted a similar one, much to his chagrin.

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  1. raditholic

    Dec 7th, 2013

    whooooo i always waiting for this

  2. Zygna


    Dec 7th, 2013

    ova ^_^

  3. thewriterjm

    Dec 7th, 2013

    I have been waiting for this for months! This made my day. :)

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  5. Blaze

    Dec 8th, 2013

    Anybody else notice the twin spirits at 17:10?

  6. christinee

    Dec 21st, 2013

    there will be a second season in april

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  8. sorahoshi

    Feb 3rd, 2014

    Why cant i download? This is my second comment.. And ive logged in mamy.times. Wheres the xownload link?

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  10. igiko

    Apr 5th, 2014

    Back in episode 10, I think, epic plot twist with the Commander~ XD

  11. NootNoot

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