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Episode Summary: As Shiro falls unconcsious and is picked up by some strange men while Yō continues his way to G-Block, Ganta meets a girl named Minatsuki, another Deadman who had killed her abusive father. Ganta offers to help Minatsuki escape, but soon learns she is his opponent in the next Corpse Carnival. When the match begins, Minatsuki's personality changes completely and attacks with her whip-like Branches of Sin, revealing she had manipulated him into taking an injury prior to the match. However, Yō appears, revealing Minatsuki to be his little sister, saying that he plans to gain enough Cast Points to buy her freedom before entering the arena. Minatsuki tries to manipulate Yō against Ganta, but he turns on her instead, having learnt the truth behind his father's death. Minatsuki captures Yō and uses him as a human shield against Ganta, revealing she has shown hatred ever since her mother left her for dead during the Red Hole incident. Ganta manages to disable one of her whips and free Yō, before knocking her out with a headbutt, winning the match.

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