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"Original Sin (Wretched Egg)"

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Episode Summary: After a strange quake occurs, during which Yo rushes to keep Minatsuki from harm, Ganta starts to remember things about Shiro, who is revealed to be the Wretched Egg. As Ganta recalls his childhood with Shiro, Yo can't bring himself to mention what he had seen her do. As Yo goes to recover the casts that were stolen from him, he learns from Tamaki that casts can't be used to reduce the sentences on G-Block inmates and is attacked by Genkaku, part of an Anti-Deadman force known as the Undertakers. Meanwhile, Ganta meets Nagi "Owl" Kengamine and Karako Koshio, members of a Deadman group known as Scar Chain wanting to destroy Deadman Wonderland, who invite him to join their gang. As Minatsuki goes through her penalty game, Nagi arranges it so that she only loses her hair. Just then, Genkaku appears and attacks Ganta and the others.

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