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"Pro-oxidant (Worm Eater)"

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Episode Summary: After recalling the time she joined Scar Chain, Karako defends herself from the acid spewing robot and destroys it, falling down with it. Meanwhile, Nagi is betrayed by Rokudo and confronted by an Undertaker named Hibana Daida, who uses a special weapon to neutralize his Branches of Sin. As Hibana starts slicing off bits of Nagi's flesh, he provokes her into chopping off his arm, giving him the opportunity to activate the elevator Ganta's group needs to take. However, Ganta's group is confronted by Genkaku and his men, leaving only Ganta and a few others left alive to carry the chip containing the information. While bleeding to death, Nagi makes a call to the hideout, which is heard by Shiro who catches up to Ganta and throws the chip into a fire.

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