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Episode Summary: The episode opens at a meeting, where the police authority discusses recent observations relating to the "Kira case". L requests the time and day of the deaths of the criminals and concludes that Kira may in fact be a student with a naive concept of justice. The meeting ends with L requesting data on how the victims of Kira were publicized. Because the head of the Kira case, Light's father, is a police officer Light informs Ryuk that he can obtain information and keep an eye on the authorities' movements. However L becomes suspicious that Kira has access to the police. Light meanwhile suspects he may be being tracked. Ryuk tells Light the two main differences between shinigami and humans. First, shinigami get the lifespans of people they have taken 'before their time'. Second, shinigamis' eyes can see everyone's name and lifespan and Light can trade half his remaining lifespan for the eyes of a shinigami, which will enable him to see everyone's name and lifespan floating above people's heads, just as Ryuk can (Light's lifespan is 93312639 as seen by Ryuk).

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