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"(FINAL) New World"

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Episode Summary: The struggle between Kira and those who oppose him is over. Teru is restrained, and Near confesses that the Death Note he has is a fake, telling Light that he has lost. Light desperately claims that Near has framed him, but in the face of Near's evidence he breaks down and laughs like a madman. He confesses and gives a speech about how he is justice, and the only one who can rule a better world as its god. Near refutes his claims, saying him he is power-mad and crazy. Light distracts Near by claiming that the notebook from headquarters might be a fake in attempt to kill him by writing his name on a piece of the Death Note hidden in his watch. Before he can, Light is shot several times by Matsuda, who Light infuriated by his betrayal and his show of contempt for his own father. As Light writhes on the floor in agony, Mikami's faith in his "god" is completely shattered, and he stabs himself with his pen. Light escapes in the commotion, running into the industrial complex as Mikami bleeds to death. Near tells the Team to leave Light, as it is unlikely he has other hidden pieces and his wounds will probably kill him soon, but Aiwaza decides to go after him. Flashbacks are shown from the earlier episodes, along with an image of a younger, more innocent Light walking past the wounded Light. Ryuk, from a tower, looks at wounded Light as he escapes, and reflects as he does so that he had said from the beginning that he would be the one to write Light's name in his own notebook when it was time for him to die. Before Light dies, Misa Amane is shown standing on a building past the safety rail, implying she commits suicide like in the manga, and the body of Teru Mikami is shown. Light dies of cardiac arrest, lying on a set of stairs (possibly symbolic of his place in limbo, between heaven or hell - if they exist, as they are implied not to in the manga), and sees L's figure in front of him before he dies. Note: This episode was rated TV-MA. Also the death of Light is different of that of the manga, in which Ryuk kills him in the warehouse after Light begs the shinigami to kill the others, and revealing the truth behind the rule "The human who uses this note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell" (from How To Use It II, volume 1).

15 Responses to “Death Note Episode 37 END”

  1. DanDy

    Jan 9th, 2014

    I dislike the ending . Worth watching tho

  2. Person

    Jan 29th, 2014

    I wanted Kira to win.

  3. ohsweetpotato

    Mar 28th, 2014


  4. Woahknightchill

    Aug 25th, 2014

    Light shouldn’t have died ;-;

  5. DemonKingSatanEx

    Oct 19th, 2014


  6. Shemaru

    Feb 13th, 2015

    Yes [N] won revenge comeplete case close

  7. Shemaru

    Feb 13th, 2015

    I want to say thes from long time ago all hail to [N],Mello, [L] (real). End

  8. StasaCool

    Feb 15th, 2015

    That end, heart breaking :’(

  9. kira

    Apr 9th, 2015



    May 2nd, 2015

    Hmmm… I’d say Light just won in the battle even if his dead. He did try to achieve for 6 years and thats impresive for 6 long years. He even defeated ‘L’ so its AMAZING.. YOUR BETTER THAN LELOUCH,… YAGAMI LIGHT IS THE BEST EVIL/GOOD CHARACTER..


  11. cavemonster

    May 21st, 2015

    thanks for spoiling the end

  12. BloodEagle

    May 25th, 2015

    Haha, get fucked Light.

  13. lynnbeloy

    Jul 17th, 2015

    light-kun died just like that. :(

  14. Finnieboy 99

    Feb 15th, 2016

    Why does light have to die like that? Why do the bad people (the best people) always have to die? I wasn’t expecting to cry at the end of an anime like this

  15. Ryuk

    Apr 21st, 2016

    Of course light died (i didn’t sided with any of them [light,L,N] as many of you have done and posted in the comment section{I AM NOT JUDGING ANYONE},either way i only watched this for it’s brilliant psychological fighting between L and Light after that i was just w8 for the inevitable end) , firstly because everyone dies in the end even if it”s for a better world or whatever ,secondly light(crazy) was no longer the light(kind,reasonable) who wanted to become a cop like his father and change everything as a law ally and not a murderer.Also the company that produced this show wouldn’t put it on screens and let the bad guy get away with it in the end, that will only give the wrong example, and so in the end TRUE JUSTICE prevails .
    P.S. Finnieboy 99 if ever see this comment and if you truly want to cry and cry for something worth crying then watch Angle Beats ,Clannad or Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ,trust me YOU WILL CRY.
    P.S.S oh yea DEATH NOTE I agree with you point of view in a matter of speaking (not entirely:)).

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